Accreditation Project

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Our vision:
A Christian Private University in the heart of Europe

to encourage knowledge - to help put skills into practice - to live ones faith - to study biblebased

We are in the process of establishing a private, fully-accredited Christian university under the name of „Campus Danubia Privatuniversität für Kirche und Gesellschaft“ in the heart of Europe.

The projected private University wants to invest in and support the next generation of students, no matter whether they are interested in church work or already involved in church leadership or other Christian work. Our students will learn to value others and to meet their needs in a reflective way that is rooted in biblical theology.

We will cooperate with other universities through student and faculty exchange as well as through joint research projects.

The planned private Christian University for Church and Society connects scientific research with practical appplication. The scientific education should promote a lifelong learning process and enable students to work in a critical and methodical way. A scientific dialog at the projected private university means to deal with different approaches and views, to reflect on one's own point of view and to help shape scoiety in a postive way.

The association „Trägerverein für das Akkreditierungsprojekt Campus Danubia - Privatuniversität für Kirche und Gesellschaft (PKG)” will be working towards achieving accreditation as private university. All information under menu item "Akkreditierungsprojekt" will be permanently brought up to date. 


Hope meets the future
Campus Danubia strenghtens the potential in church and society through research and teaching.

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