The planned private university for church and society (in German Privatuniversität für Kirche und Gesellschaft called PKG) sees itself as a place of academic research and research-led teaching. The overall goal of the private university corresponds to the foundation of Christian Reformation theology: to promote the development of the Christian tradition of language, thought and action in such a way that impulses for the renewal of the Church and of the society emerge from its continuation in the spirit of the Gospel.

The content and methodological breadth of the research areas goes hand in hand with certain priorities. These result from the legacy of Reformation, Pietism and the evangelical movement, especially in Austria, which is particularly cultivated at the planned private university.

Particular attention is paid to the investigation of the spiritual and pastoral aspects of theology as well as the modus operandi of the formation of theological tradition under the conditions of late modern societies.

The research profiles of the individual institutes represent both these overarching objectives and the existing expertise of the respective academic staff and managers.

With the start of the PKG, five institutes are planned to cover the traditional canon of Protestant theology.

Research and Teaching for Church and Society

Research and teaching at the Institute for Old Testament Theology want to contribute to making Old Testament texts and traditions understandable for an increasingly complex social and media context and bringing them to the fore.

The Institute for New Testament Theology makes a contribution to research in the New Testament and its environment and brings up their importance for the Church and society.

The Institute for Historical Theology researches the development of the Christian exercise of faith as it is presented from a historical and salvation-historical perspective.

The overarching goal of the work of the Institute for Systematic Theology is the systematic development of the linguistic and thought traditions of Christian faith as well as the conditions for transmitting the Christian ethos.

The Institute for Practical Theology researches the tradition of the discipline, identifies key theological criteria and reflects on practice. An emphasis is placed on pastoral care and spirituality.


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Research and Teaching for Church and Society

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