Financial Support

It is important for us to provide high standards of quality and technical equipment as well as a location which is well served by public transport for all students. Apart from donations, which cover most of our expenses, students pay tuition fees.

There will be various financing models for studying at the planned Private University for Church and Society. As soon as our price calculations will be completed, we will publish detailed  information regarding our fees.

Finances should not be an obstacle, that's why we are listing various financing options below:

Tax deductibility of tuition fees

Tax deductions may be available if the courses taken are considered as further education or re-training according to the income tax regulations. In this case tuition fees and other related costs, such as literature, travelling costs may be tax deductible. See

Scholarships and other funding:

Financial Aid for Students in Austria

The Austrian Study Grant Authority offers various online services and further information on education and research institutions as well as other websites on financial aid for job and studies. For further information see

„Grants“ Austria's database for scholarships and research grants

With more than 1,200 entries grants is Austria's largest online database for scholarships and research grants for all areas of research. Options for students, graduates and researchers cover classical scholarships, allowances and awards as well as national, European and international research grant programs.

A grant for pioneers

This is a grant specially designed for committed and talented students, who want to dedicate their abilities to a special purpose and who wish to move the world to a certain extend. Grades are not important for this grant.

Database „Kursförderung in Österreich“ |

The data base "Kursförderung in Österreich" is  being coordinated by the editors of The financing is made by means of the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research as well as the European Social Fund.

The database below will help you to find financial support for your immediate and further education.

Grants and Supports by the ProvinicialGovernment of Lower Austria (Land Niederösterreich)

The federal province of Lower Austria does also offer various grants for students, i.e. grants for studying abroad, for dissertations with relation to Lower Austria and performance related grants.

For further information please see the following link:

Educational leave and part time education

Educational leave and part time education offer flexible ways of further education. In agreement with the employer educational leave can be arranged for a period of two months up to one year and part time education from four months up to two years.

If certain requirements are fulfilled you may apply for allowances at the Austrian Labour Market Service for educational leave as well as for part time education.


Bildungskarenz und Bildungsteilzeit

Further (partial) allowances for individual courses

Training account of the waff

The waff training account provides grants for people employed in Vienna who want to undergo further education. Unemployed people registered at the AMS Vienna can also use the training account.

The training account contains between € 300 up to a maximum € 3000. The amount of job credit you receive depends on whether you are currently unemployed or employed. If you are employed it depends on your salary.


Education Loans

Various financing models for students are offered by the following Austrian banking institutes:

Please check their websites for their latest offers.

Price Reductions

Students may be eligible for certain reductions, e.g. regarding health insurance or reduced tickets for theatres, museums and cinemas. They may also apply for exemption from radio and TV fees (see GIS)

Further links for grants and allowances

For students there are governmental allowances regarding family support, grants etc.

Below please find several useful links:


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