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Campus Danubia is committed to encourage diversity and equal opportunities for all students in all areas. Being created in the image of god, every human being is entitled to dignity, basic rights and freedom, independent of age, gender, psychological and physical abilities, origin, religion and sexual orientation.

Discriminatory behaviour is an injury of personal rights and will not be tolerated at Campus Danubia. Therefore, measurements will be taken to prevent discrimination and protect all students and members of staff.

The equal opportunity commissioner can be contacted by the students in all cases of discrimination.

His or her responsibility will be to encourage:

  • an environment full of respect and appreciation
  • a working and studying atmosphere supportive of families
  • equality and non-discrimination of men and women
  • support of women in the advancement of their career and in management positions
  • gender equality according to the required situation
  • a gender-neutral language
  • barrier-free access to research and teaching
  • individual compensation for disadvantages
  • a platform for persons with disabilities

Click here for the German Folder on Equality and Equal Treatment


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