K. Penner - Head of Library

Expanding the library system as an important scientific resource is given priority. Especial focus will be put on digitization and access to digital resources.

The library at Campus Danubia will provide the relevant books for the course program of the particular term and other relevant literature (if needed in greater numbers).

In order to promote the information competence of the students, the library offers training courses for research and other subjects relevant for the use of the library. Such courses will be held either directly in the library or as part of the introductory lecture.

The library stock will be continuously increased and completed in accordance with the focus on research. At present the library of the planned Private University for Church and Society consists of 20,000 books. Online you will find a summary of our library stock.

In addition the library offers links of freely accessible digital resources and bibliographic data banks for religion and theology.

External users will be charged a library fee of € 30 (valid for 1 year).


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