Life at Campus Danubia

Students at work in the library

Active Participation of the students is an important issue at Campus Danubia.

For special occasions worships are held at Campus Danubia, which will be arranged either by the students or the lecturers respectively. In addition to the university courses, there will be various events, also open to the students, such as public lectures, book presentations, colloquia etc., because we are convinced that research needs dialogue and reflection.

For relaxation there are several parks in the near vicinity. In approximately 5 – 13 minutes walking distance there are the Helmut-Zilk-Park, the Schweizer Garten and the Belvedere gardens.

Apart from an entrance area with a comfortable lounge and a coffee machine, there are 3 seminar rooms for 30 persons each at Campus Danubia. Each of the seminar rooms is equipped with screens  providing the latest technology. With a size of approx. 78m2 the library offers about 20,000 books as well as space for private study.

Within a distance of approx. 70m there is a lecture hall for up to 200 people as well as 3 further seminar rooms which can be used by Campus Danubia.


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