We appreciate your application at Campus Danubia!

Campus Danubia entrance

Students who are interested in courses can apply online at Campus Danubia.

You will be transferred to an external English website, where you can enter your email address as a new user. You will then receive a temporary password with which you can register.

Please enter your personal data and submit all necessary documents in order to prove your qualification for university as well as a copy of your passport and a passport photo.

In addition please submit a detailed resume (one A4 page) which explains what motivated you to study at Campus Danubia. This resume should contain the reason why you chose your course as well as your expectations and the goal you want to achieve. It should describe what individual gain you want to achieve and which perspective to contribute to society influenced you in your decision.

Our office will check if your application is complete.

The rectory will decide whether you will be admitted. Admission is valid after remittance of the registration fee.

As soon as your application has been accepted and your registration fee has been paid, your personal admission data will be sent to you by email and you can register for the courses you wish to attend.

Registration deadline for lectures: two weeks before the course starts

How to apply for courses


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